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The lecturer was a clergyman, and his audience must be also his flock, for they held prayer-books as well as guide-books in their hands.
Soon the lecturer could be heard in the next chapel, describing the life of St.
He watched the lecturer, whose success he believed he had impaired, and then he anxiously watched his son.
The lecturer unlocked the outer door and ushered us into his room.
In one place one hears of a student's robbing the mail on the high road; in another place people of good social position forge false banknotes; in Moscow of late a whole gang has been captured who used to forge lottery tickets, and one of the ringleaders was a lecturer in universal history; then our secretary abroad was murdered from some obscure motive of gain.
What answer had your lecturer in Moscow to make to the question why he was forging notes?
Both lecturers and students in this mode said they spent several hours of the day connected to the Internet using the course website.
COLLEGE lecturers staged a walkout yesterday over claims a colleague had been victimised.
The AP-S Distinguished Lecturer Program provides local IEEE AP-S chapters with expert presentations on the most recent scientific and technological trends in the antennas-and-propagation industry by securing lecturers who are outstanding in their fields of specialty.
He said that eight lecturers posted in various colleges affiliated with public universities of the province will be sent for further education in various universities of New Zealand while eight lecturers to Britain every year so that their performance could be improved.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Nanotechnology achievements of Iranian experts were put on display in an exhibition on the sidelines of the International Forum of the Islamic World University Lecturers and the Islamic Awakening in Tehran on December 11-12, 2012.