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Let's face it, most of our top clubs have spent the past 18 months being led by the nose with false promises that the future was paved with gold.
I don't know at this stage how that will happen, but I can tell you she's not the sort of girl who is led by the nose for too long.
Asbestos cement represents approximately 90 per cent of all asbestos-containing materials and has no more risk to health than any other building material but the authorities have been led by the nose into producing inappropriate regulations that are so ambiguous that any offence cannot be realistically measured.
The unlamented WM County Council whose abolition was welcomed by Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton District Councils was, in my view, manned by the 'second eleven' led by the nose by ambitious and expensive officers.
Then, lo and behold, the ban was miraculously lifted and, like sheep, those who would prefer to be at home were led by the nose on to an aircraft.
She has been led by the nose around the Big Brother house by Lucien Laviscount, only to see him drunkenly hook up with TOWIE's Amy Childs.
WHY is it that we are being led by the nose into a cataclysm of unfathomable proportions concerning climate change, seemingly without any recourse to an unbiased debate?
Bardot said Francewas"tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts".
If the nation, which was led by the nose into war against its will, believes this new arrangement will produce honesty and truth, it deserves to be punished by Blair.
TARGETS statistics and political expediency lead to lies, evasions and the public being led by the nose, particularly in the NHS, as I pointed out last week.
There are a good many FUW members who feel that the union was allowed to be led by the nose by Mr Jones.