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We are not witless nincompoops in need of being led by the nose through a series of artificial hoops.
Use your ability to let someone know what's what and that you're not going to engage in their agenda as you have one of your own and you don't need to be led by the nose.
Led by the nose to the ches 1fs of hell, Traumatise you to make you well, The truth withers if it cannot swell, Secondhand insanity is parallel.
pro-gun rants, ridiculous anti-Obama rhetoric, led by the nose by such extremist views, paranoid behavior .
The EU will not let itself be led by the nose by the US and China - such was Peter Liese's (EPP, Germany) message, on 20 December, to third countries the day before the EU Court of Justice's ruling on the lawfulness of the regulation requiring airlines, including non-European ones, to comply with the Union's Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).
This was also a trick to show how easily NATO officials could be led by the nose by the generally naive Taliban.
Without that public backing, though, they can still be led by the nose into implementing savage cuts to the poorest 10% of the population.
Sergey Prikhodko, a Kremlin official, clearly resented Ahmadi-nejad's allegation that Russia was being led by the nose by America.
While there has been cheerleading that it has more influence than many may believe--European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering referred to this in a pre-election call to people to turn out to vote--it appears doubtful that many see it as anything much more than a talkshop led by the nose by the European Commission and European Council; a club of which the "lavish" salaries, benefits and expenses perks make it well worthwhile to be a member.
Now, for instance, no one doubts that smoking is linked to cancer, or that burning fossil fuels has a lot to do with climate change, while electorates, particularly in the US, won't forget how they were led by the nose over Iraq.