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Ever since then, the governments have been leery as hell of raising the gasoline price," says Robert Bottome, editor of the newsletter Veneconomy.
The results show that nearly half of the teaching profession smell, plenty have 'coffee breath', some are leery and many are either scary or boring.
Obviously, memories of the busing fiascos of the 1970s might make any politician leery of supporting a program that empowers poor inner-city blacks to attend suburban schools.
While there are numerous products on the market that purport to provide "training" for particular software and operating systems, I am a bit leery of them.
Chip-makers are leery of forecasting anything beyond the immediate quarter, but say some encouraging signs are cropping up.
Some trustees were reportedly leery of his tack of a doctorate degree and teaching experience at the university level, but one noted the school will benefit from his "good political access.
Informal and personal, this activity invites residents who are leery of any type of formalized exercise program to participate.
On the other hand, I'm leery of providing your web address in sales lettters.
Southern California had become the incubator of the Pop phenomenon, however leery Hopps and Goode may have been of the label, and Artforum had caught on.
In the industrialized south, particularly, where agrochemicals are more readily available, farmers use such great amounts that consumers are growing leery of health risks.
As it happens, most of the spring musicals line up readily on either the cheery or leery side of the fence.