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v] is the time needed for activating the steering system gear [sec]; y is the distance, over which the motor vehicle has to move leftwards or rightwards on the roadway in order to avoid the accident [m]; g is the gravitational acceleration [m/[sec.
There is a tension in Lokot's analysis between blame on the Kadets for being too cautious and divorced from the people, and the emphasis on the people's influence over the Duma that led not only to a leftward shift in the Kadets and the growth of the Trudoviks, but also determined the destructive urge of the Duma: "The people's wave was destructive and revolutionary and therefore the Duma could be nothing other than destructive-revolutionary .
One can obtain U' := U [left arrow] by inserting b as follows Scan the entries of U in reverse column reading order, that is top to bottom in each column starting with the right-most column and working leftwards, starting with column m + 1 subject to the conditions:
there are four moras in the verb (not counting the prefixes), so the "H2" tone associates to the second mora and spreads leftwards, the H tone associates to the third mora, and the L associates to the final vowel.
Thus, it is sufficient to define [delta](W, d) in the cases represented in Table 3: the left part of the table is used for the first and last row of the input picture, whereas the right part covers the other rows to be visited rightwards or leftwards.
If Mr Miliband takes the party leftwards, this will only serve to encourage David Cameron to move his MPs more firmly into the centre ground where he wrongly feels they belong.
Meanwhile, younger brother Ed has leaned leftwards in the leadership contest - eaS rning the nickname of 'Red Ed'.
I can easily imagine how a complicated geometric shape will look like when it is shifted rightwards, leftwards.
There is a distinct sense of incoherence at the Centre where the Congress Party veers Leftwards and the pragmatic prime minister is hampered at each step by his own party.
Some say that Barack Obama does not understand the requirements of leadership in times of financial crisis like the one the US is going through, while others say that he understands them very well and is recklessly leading America leftwards.