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The writer is a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell and served as the State Department's legal adviser during the presidency of George H.
Winston & Strawn LLP acted as legal adviser to Kanbay in connection with the transaction.
However, the sad fact is that sometimes problems during the process of buying a house can arise which means your legal adviser has to explain to you that there is going to be a delay in the transaction.
Sprewell believes he was treated unfairly by the league and by the Warriors and that the full story has not yet come out,'' Sprewell's legal adviser Robert Gist said at a news conference.
International legal practice Norton Rose has acted as legal adviser to the Brown Review on the future of rail franchising.
Whether it is a rural lane leading to the house, communal paths to a flat or a joint driveway, when buying a property which has private shared accessways, your legal adviser will need to tell you the legal implications from the details in the legal title to the property.
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 42, and his legal adviser Mildred Trouillot, 33, said they will marry Saturday at Aristide's suburban residence in Tabarre, just north of the capital.
During the Reservation Period, your legal adviser will carry out all the searches and inquiries, check the legal title to the new house and liaise with your own buyer's legal adviser to ensure that you will be in the position to exchange contracts on both your sale and purchase within the period.
A LEGAL adviser at an accounting firm was arrested yesterday for accepting a bribe.
Mr Snodgrass, partner at Shakespeares' Stratford-upon-Avon office and lead legal adviser to the NFU panel, said: "This is an important re-appointment for the firm and reflects the strength of our experience and expertise as legal advisers to the region's agricultural sector.
WHEN you have bought a house or land, on completion your legal adviser will confirm you can go and collect your keys because you now own the property.