legal advocate

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Former RAF group captain Andrew Ades - acting as legal advocate for some of the veterans - said: "This is our last go at it because it's got to the point where we're having to spend money ourselves.
He is the street lawyer the police hate as equally as the criminals and very possibly the type of legal advocate author John Grisham wishes he could be.
According to the American Bar Association, a legal advocate helps the government interviewer by"bridging linguistic, cultural, and psychological gaps.
Ben-David's legal advocate asked for more time to order a mental health workup.
Legal advocate Alan Blacker was told he "looked like something out of Harry Potter" by David Wynn Morgan when he arrived to defend a client in Cardiff.
As a legal advocate practising in Dubai with the firm of Universal Legal Associates, Hastik has nothing but praise for the way in which the court system in Dubai operates.
Authorities have plastered posters around my village to humiliate and vilify me and my family," added Chen, a self-schooled legal advocate who campaigned against forced abortions.
They include establishing an independent, child-friendly complaints and feedback system; ensuring each young applicant has a legal advocate to provide them with support; and providing better information about how the process works.
Valarie Kaur is a filmmaker, legal advocate, interfaith organizer and founding director of Groundswell, an initiative that combines storytelling and advocacy.
She served for more than a decade as a legal advocate and human rights investigator and researcher in Louisiana, Texas, New York, India and Guatemala.
For 20 years, ARTBA has been a legal advocate for the transportation design and construction industry.
When Chief Justice John Roberts was asked at his own confirmation hearings about positions he took while working in the Office of the Solicitor General during the Reagan administration, he replied that as a Supreme Court justice he probably would approach those questions differently than he did as a legal advocate whose client was the federal government.