legal advocate

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Senator Nelson wrote, Steve won my respect by putting his considerable skills to work as an effective legal advocate for our state.
As a lawyer and legal advocate working with Addameer, Hamouri continues to campaign daily for rights and freedom for Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian people, said an Addameer press release.
She had hoped to become a legal advocate before she would have turned 30.
Human Rights Watch documented several instances over the past year in which the detainees were denied access to lawyers during investigations or were forced to change their legal advocate under pressure by Judiciary officials.
38) Far from being derisive, in the criminal law context, the concept of legal advocate as a hired gun is celebrated by some (particularly American) legal ethicists as necessary for the protection of rights and the pursuit of justice.
As a legal advocate, he had the required income, and he was buying at a time when art prices had crashed in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars.
Former RAF group captain Andrew Ades - acting as legal advocate for some of the veterans - said: "This is our last go at it because it's got to the point where we're having to spend money ourselves.
He is the street lawyer the police hate as equally as the criminals and very possibly the type of legal advocate author John Grisham wishes he could be.
We're actually trying to see if we can get more ads in the paper," said Tiffany Panlilio, a legal advocate at Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Los Angeles.
Ben-David's legal advocate asked for more time to order a mental health workup.
Legal advocate Alan Blacker was told he "looked like something out of Harry Potter" by David Wynn Morgan when he arrived to defend a client in Cardiff.
A legal advocate at India's Supreme Court says the brutal rape and death of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student in New Delhi last December has resulted in a shift in attitudes in her country.