legal assertion

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Storch of Hudson's Bay declined to repudiate Saks' legal assertion that former transgender employee Leyth Jamal, who has filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against Saks under Title VII, was not protected under the law because "trannsexuals are not a protected class," as the company stated in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.
The result is that the physical trauma Kristi Fries suffered, and the legal assertion Mavrick knowingly let her operate an unsafe machine, may strike a blow against the workers' compensation system.
According to the lawmakers, the Procurement Bill had "a few issues" of unclearly specified legal assertions that called for changes.
Giving evidence, Judge Wildblood, who was due to oversee the confiscation order relating to the drugs produced by Moss, told the court Evans had made a series of legal assertions which were "wrong in an elementary way".
The administration withdrew the memo in 2004, and has since retreated from some of its most extreme legal assertions," Koh said.
The House filed papers yesterday that contested the White House's legal assertions but did not make any expansive arguments.

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