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Article 2, meanwhile, states: "No marriage shall be valid, unless these eseential requisites are present: Legal capacity of the contracting parties who must be a male and a female.
Francis Waigwa, in an application filed at the Milimani law court yesterday, said the ODPP lacks legal capacity to hire.
Summary: The authority shall have the legal personality, legal capacity and financial and administrative independence
Tenders are invited for Receiver TRIUMPH-LS or analogue Eligibility Criteria : a) Legal capacity, necessary professional and technical qualifications, professional and technical competence, financial resources, Equipment and other material capacities, managerial competence, reliability, experience and reputation, as well as people resources for the execution of the procurement contract, which can be supported by the following documents:
A Foreign Ministry statement noted the decision taken by UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres to appoint the French woman who has worked with prior UN missions in Kosovo and Cambodia and has served in a legal capacity on the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.
26 of 1981 (Maritime Commercial Law) ('Law'), the Ship does not have a legal capacity to be sued and the Claimant should have filed the claim against the Ship's owners rather than the Ship herself.
4) Thus, from the 1960s, legal systems began to craft legal arrangements dealing with person's legal capacity in a different mode, giving much greater weight to the values of liberty and autonomy and reducing the extent of paternalistic intervention.
The 10,200 s/f garage has a legal capacity for 24 cars and an overall capacity for [+ or -] 65 cars.
The legal capacity to exercise rights is regulated in such a way that the absence of the mental capacity or its existence to a lesser extent does not affect the interests of the person participating in the legal life.
Put simply, an EPOA is a particular type of power of attorney (POA) which is effective when a person lacks legal capacity.
An Interior Ministry statement cited today that the two sides discussed the government steps in securing the different regions of the country and the liberalization of areas occupied by (IS) as well as Germany support to Iraq in the fields of police training and raising the level of legal capacity for the security men in order to establish security and order.