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Blanco--took it upon themselves to change the local legal code to allow same-sex marriages.
First, in a democratic set- up the state can be governed only when citizens understand and comply with the legal code determined by the state for application to all people irrespective of caste, creed and status in the cause of governance.
Briggs argues that several reasons help explain this unanticipated outcome: legislation was drawn up hastily by the congressional judiciary committees, and attorneys adopt ad hoc principles replete with Byzantine legal codes to regulate immigrant admissions.
There community standards ruled, not the idealised Confucian standards conveyed in the official ideology, or the punitive standards laid down in the legal code.
A legal code, however, is designed to make people more aware of its contents, to make information more easily spread rather than less easily.
In spite of some notable progress resulting from inescapable modifications in the Turkish Legal Code relating to improvements in discriminative issues pertaining to women labor, there is still much to be done in certain cases given below:
Alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia which follows a strict Islamic legal code.
They are outraged by the cruel sentence imposed on Amina Lawal, a nursing mother found guilty of adultery in accordance with the strict Islamic sharia legal code.
There are still people who use the legal code as an ideological tool and think that politicised judges can destroy an enemy who has been victorious in elections and has the strength of popular consensus," he added.
The interpretation of the legal code, Al Gergawi points out, is not very clear.
The proposal allows both spouses to know in advance which law is applicable to their divorce, increasing flexibility by giving them the possibility of choosing which legal code should apply.
Aceh is the only province in predominantly Muslim Indonesia to use sharia for its legal code, introduced as part of an autonomy deal in 2002.