legal constraint

See: commitment
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We have to recognise this legal constraint but no-one should be in any doubt about our proven commitment to bringing women forward in all areas of public life.
Legal constraint was one ( reason) we couldn't start the proceedings against government earlier than six months after the notice.
As a result, it now appears the only legal constraint on warming for the next eight years will be the inadequate reductions in emissions that more than 150 nations agreed to at Kyoto 15 years ago.
Covert or remote collections appear to face less legal constraint in the GCC than in other jurisdictions; however, this is somewhat undermined by poor network connectivity and the tendency of employees to take their laptops home for personal use.
But without a legal constraint to back them, what can they do?
But there appears to be no such legal constraint in Egyptian law.
He said that without any legal constraint, delay of even one day would not be tolerated.
The court stands helpless before this legal constraint.
The only legal constraint on MacLeod is to tell police about any address he stays at for 14 days in the course of a year.
There is no avoiding some sort of legal constraint on food and drug sales, unless we want a modern version of the 19th-century free-for-all that poured mislabeled opium and disguised wood chips down the gullets of the ignorant.
This circular proposition naturalized what was a legal constraint, and it functioned as a convenient, self-fulfilling prophecy.