legal controversy

See: lawsuit
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Porthos had, in fact, been involved in a dispute with the Bishop of Noyon in regard to the Pierrefonds property, which adjoined his own, and weary at length of a legal controversy which was beyond his comprehension, he put an end to it by purchasing Pierrefonds and added that name to his others.
But the ruling BJP has pitch forked three of its representatives on Asia's largest cooperative sparking off a politico- legal controversy.
Despite constant intervention by the previous Labour administration, the acquisition of the property by Aldi was littered with legal controversy and took an unbelievable amount of time to resolve.
Under Bulgaria's Law on Bank Bankruptcy if a central bankas decision to scrap a lender's banking licence "has not entered into force due to a judicial appeal, the court shall suspend the proceedings until the end of the administrative legal controversy.
In January, the Engineers' Syndicate witnessed a referendum that was marred with legal controversy that resulted in a vote of no confidence the syndicate's board and its Muslim Brotherhood affiliated leader Maged Khelousy.
Through a focused examination of cases, statutes, and judicial opinions generated by the creation-evolution legal controversy, Larson's (law, Pepperdine U.
The last legal controversy embroiling the Canadian Armed Forces--the transfer of detainees into the hands of torturers in the Afghan security forces--was widely cited as the real reason behind Prime Minister Harper's proroguing of Parliament in late 2009.
The cabinet is studying how to deal with ruling in the light of the Amir decree in a way that could prevent an unnecessary legal controversy," he explained.
Lafond, of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, who served as vice-chief and chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council, is following the political and legal controversy that has led to the resignationof Guy Lonechild as Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.
com), has been retained as the father's spokesman for this unprecedented legal controversy.
Alicea's power base, remains the center of ongoing political and legal controversy.
LEWIS MAY HOPES THAT 2011 will end two years of legal controversy and allow his return to business as a general contractor.