legal costs

See: damages
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com, says because the service puts claimants and defendants directly in touch with each other, it could save huge sums in legal costs.
ONEreason for the dis-connect between Labour''s bragging over how much it has invested in the NHS and the relative lack of front line improvement is the massive increase in litigation costs, including compensation, from pounds 70m in 98/99 to a projected near pounds 800m this year including over pounds 170m of legal costs.
Mr Southall, from Digbeth, was ordered to stump up pounds 6,935 in fines and legal costs after he was found guilty of eight offences under the Business Names Act.
I think it is only fair and reasonable we say sorry and pay him damages and his legal costs, rather than waste court time on this issue.
THE Welsh National Opera (WNO) has been ordered to pay more thaPS100,000 in legal costs and compensation to an oboist it unfairly sacked.
Why should any of us have to contribute towards the legal costs of the Carmarthenshire council chief executive when his earnings considerably exceed the salary of the Prime Minister and our First Minister, Carwyn Jones.
While increases in legal costs were less than 3% from 1992 through 1995, these costs also have shown larger increases: 5% for 1999 and an estimated 5.
Compensation and legal costs have, however, run to more than $11 million; thus the Newfoundland government is suing the Brothers in order to recover their expenses.
Contracting and legal costs, including the monetary and opportunity costs involved in contracting, renegotiating or vendor dispute settlements.
Even in the modified form that passed the House of Representatives in March--which would require some federal litigants to pay a portion of legal costs if they turn down a settlement offer and do less well at trial--the idea has been attacked as overly harsh.
Cook's Certified Public Accountant certificate was revoked, and he must reimburse the Board for investigative and legal costs.
Global Banking News-October 23, 2013--Banking industry could face extreme legal costs, say analysts(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.