legal decision

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And the Commissioners, in announcing that fact, add that the question of which opinion is right is still disputed, and has never been made the subject of legal decision.
One of these reforms was to act stoutly on the strength of a recent legal decision, and simply prescribe, without dispensing drugs or taking percentage from druggists.
The House of Commons, balked in an attack on the King and the Duke of Buckingham, suddenly turned on Bacon and impeached him for having received bribes in connection with his legal decisions as Lord Chancellor.
This year's list includes 319 law firms and is the outcome of 350 in-depth interviews with top legal decision makers from the world's leading organizations.
Still, the rushed decision to adopt this law in an urgent procedure and the numerous reactions against it, raise doubts for this legal decision that parties might be using in order to collect political points before the elections.
The ranking is based solely on in-depth telephone interviews with leading legal decision makersat large organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue.
Employees engaged by temporary employment agencies will enjoy the same rights as other employees pursuant the law on labor relations, this was anticipated in the draft legal decision for temporary employment agencies which was passed on the last session at the Economic and Social Council and should enter the government procedure.
The legal decision will be formally issued later, it was reported.
It is therefore difficult to avoid the conclusion that this legal decision by the High Court appears to be an attempt by the pro-EU establishment to seek to water down what the people of these islands voted for on British Independence Day, June 23.
Sakr said head of Arsal Municipality will be summoned by the First Military Investigation Judge to hear his testimony as witness to take the appropriate legal decision.
1 ( ANI ): Divorce settlements by religious courts including Sharia could soon be allowed under British law after a landmark legal decision.
Home Secretary Theresa May is appealing a legal decision that Qatada, 52, cannot be returned to Jordan because he cannot be guaranteed a fair trial on bomb plot charges.