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While there was a need to beef up the government's principal legal defender, abolishing the Presidential Commission on Good Government and the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel and shifting their powers to the OSG would not serve the purpose, Drilon said.
The OSG is the government's principal legal defender.
Yuma County Legal Defender Jose de la Vara observed a Teen Law School class and said it gives students a chance to see through the misconceptions they may have about the law.
Ruben Margaryan, the legal defender of Hrachya Harutyunyan, met with Armenia's Human Rights Defender, Karen
In addition, the changes allow the the state to appoint a "substitute lawyer" in the event of constant absence of the legal defender of a suspect a a factor that has constantly been delaying trials of key figures.
The legal defender described above had an ethical responsibility, as an attorney, to keep client information confidential.
When put in the position of a legal defender or a teacher--the two roles he's played most in the last 30 years--Henderson's energy ignites.
No doubt Darrow remains the land of liberty's most famous legal defender.
Jeremiah Stamler was active in Chicago's progressive movements from the 1940s onward and, in college, was a close friend of Arthur Kinoy, who would later be his legal defender.
He said the government's primary legal defender is also tasked to represent the state's interest in preserving the institution of marriage.