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Document drafting - one of the latest business trends in the UK is the online document drafting, as it makes it easy and cost-effective for businesses to have a legal document specifically drafted to suit the circumstances of the particular case.
A Senate bill has been filed to add a "surcharge" to those who file paper copies of court or other legal documents once electronic filing is required.
Japan has provided $2 million to construct a legal document center of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia said Saturday.
Don Evans has opened Legal Documents For You, a legal document preparation service.
People who favor a "living Constitution" say that it is a special kind of legal document, purposefully studded by the Founding Fathers with ambiguities and meant to adapt to changing times and the changing views of the nation.
Because there was no living will or other legal document to prove what he said was his wife's expressed wish--not to be kept alive by a machine--it not only allowed her parents to intervene, it invited Congress and the president to pass a bill on March 21 allowing Terri Schiavo's parents to take their case to the federal courts.
Worldwide Computer Products News-11 June 2004-Interwoven announces the launch of its Legal Document Acceleration Suite(C)1995-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
He said he considers everything he writes to be a legal document, protected from disclosure to prosecutors, because he turns over the writing to his lawyers.
A will is a legal document that determines where your property, or probate estate, will go after your death.
Pitfall #1: Originating requirements gathering with legal document content.
If a legal document such as an admission agreement is overly legalistic or seems one-sided in favor of your community, it may hamper marketing efforts.
But clubs outside the top 10 won't agree to any changes until they see a legal document guaranteeing they won't be worse off.