legal entity

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8220;With the immediate availability of CPL Compliance we have once again produced a market-leading legal entity intelligence engine that is creating a safer and more reliable solution for compliance teams with KYC at their core.
Lack of Ownership - A Big Barrier Regardless of the cause, complex legal entity structures can expose organizations to excessive risk and unnecessary costs.
Now, the newly formed legal entity, Al Ahlia Insurance looks forward to serve its customers from its wide network of 16 branches across Oman.
A signature block like the example above ensures that any party who makes a claim under a contract has recourse only against the legal entity.
Similarly, a legal entity that's exposed to the risks and/or rewards of another legal entity's economic activities may not have the power to direct the other entity's activities, in which case control wouldn't exist and consolidation shouldn't occur.
The company was able to satisfy both these objectives by setting up the new venture as a separate legal entity with its own set of books.
Cariboo will not be filing for bankruptcy and will continue to exist as a legal entity in order that it may deal with such issues as an appeal of a case stemming from abuse at a residential school in Lytton, B.
JR: Pork America became a legal entity in late December 1999 incorporated
In what residents of the Le Parc condominium complex are calling a little victory, a Ventura County judge ruled that a second homeowners association set up to represent them and to collect their dues is a legal entity.
Under a joint ownership model, the hospital and the nursing home form a third legal entity to provide subacute care.
Enter the LLC--a legal entity with big business application that offers an exciting alternative to use of either a corporation or partnership.