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Tselepis noted he could easily practice if he did his articles, but stressed the difference between legal expert and lawyer.
But the laws has angered legal experts who say it has been introduced without the necessary legislation being put in place in Ireland.
If you succeed in excluding it, you not only save the considerable expense of retaining an opposing legal expert to aid in your preparation for trial and to testify at trial, you will also avoid the possibility of the witness confusing or misleading the jury.
Behest by tensions PM was briefed by the legal expert regarding the hearing conducted by the SC on Monday in connection of Panamagate case and also briefed for next hearing.
Although, Cowell is apparently "sure the baby is his", legal experts want him to demand proof.
Mr Geoffrey Robertson QC, a legal expert in this area, said it marked a shift from relying on diplomacy to govern international relations, to the rule of law.
Legal expert Robert Roscoe, of Victor, Lissack and Roscoe, said if the issue went to court, the letters "would become an exhibit" available for scrutiny.
Margaret Grisdela, President of Legal Expert Connections and author of the legal marketing book "Courting Your Clients," will be a featured speaker at the following bar association events:
Senior legal expert Ahmed Raza Qasoori said the government is considering reducing powers of NAB after if feel that the authority would make it accountable.
The panel of speakers included Tasneem Siddiqui, Legal Expert Humaira Masroor and women rights activist Samar Minallah.
Legal expert Tarique Mahmood said if the government could satisfy the court, then the situation could improve.
Must Be Present to Win: Law Firm Marketing on the Internet" is the topic of an Internet marketing panel being moderated by law firm marketing consultant Margaret Grisdela, President of Legal Expert Connections, at the Legal Marketing Association's Bay Area Chapter Ninth Annual Technology Program in San Francisco on September 5, 2007.