legal opponent

See: litigant
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They tackle a formidable legal opponent, South Australia's Crown Prosecutor Roderic Chamberlain (Charles Dance), picked to guarantee a conviction.
With the removal of the state, the only potential legal opponent is Ms.
Reppeto has become highly regarded among his clients and legal opponents based on the compassion, respect and diligence he brings to every Family Law case, particularly those involving children.
We've grumbled about colleagues' rudeness to litigants and legal opponents, and unprofessional behavior that obstructs cooperation in settling disputes and can make a difficult job seem, at times, unbearable.
Through a concentration of legal resources and expertise, OSRM will be a formidable power against the legal opponents to open source.
These personal narratives, along with the historical contexts and scholarly references provided by Ruth and Bud Schultz, constitute an abhorrent record of a government become criminal in its rabid obsession to silence peaceful, legal opponents of the government's Soviet-phobic foreign policies.
While taking some hefty dramatic liberties, this provides fascinating character studies for John Travolta and Robert Duvall as legal opponents.
LEGAL opponents Kevin Gray and Gordon Watson go head-to-head on the field today for the first time since their High Court case.
The two organizations are frequent legal opponents in Internet court cases.
have participated in the talks with the companies' legal opponents.
The business of law can be much more daunting to attorneys than the toughest clients or legal opponents," said Lou Andreozzi, president and CEO of North American Legal Markets at LexisNexis.
WestDockets is a vital resource for discovering the litigation history of legal opponents or prospective clients, and it is an important tool to enhance case management, allowing users to view case status as well as fees and payment records.