legal order

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An Article 4 direction was passed - a legal order which will "provide protection" from demolition while the council negotiates with the developer.
The Czech Republic has failed to correctly transpose and implement Directive 2004/49/EC in the national legal order.
European Union Member States are subjects of law for the European legal order, and this aspect requires of them both the quality of their responsibility and the vocation of the legal liability, so that the possibility of them being held legally liable could materialize.
Legalism is the central legal order of the western legal tradition, which itself is composed of two great legal systems--the English common law and the European civil law.
The man's company has been convicted in a South Wales magistrates' court of failing to comply with a legal order to deduct more than PS85,000 from his wages.
Paul MacKenzie, 43, broke a legal order which prevented him from setting up a business to compete against his old company.
Even raising this argument shows that the constitutional and legal order is no longer there.
CarVal's refusal to obey a legal order is unacceptable," said Horst Schulze, Chairman and CEO, Capella Hotel Group.
While still fragmented, the world is witnessing the emergence of a global commercial legal order independent of any one national legal system.
This was a gross violation of the legal order of the DPRK, said the report.
Transconstitutionalism," in the usage of this book, refers to the development of legal problems that cut across the many different types of legal order in a way that elicits the creation of permanent cross-cutting relationships among legal orders and other social systems revolving around shared constitutional problems, thereby emancipating constitutional law from the state.
In addition to its impact on the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea could have grave implications for the legal order that protects the unity and sovereignty of all states," the G7 leaders said in a statement released by the White House.