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And for all its shoddy production standards and elevation of low achievement, this is work that puts real art problems on the table--problems of classification and valuation, of the relation between merit and materiality (as demonstrated by the difference between scribbling on yellow legal pads and fabricating bronze sculpture), of the worth of any artistic gesture, of the place art occupies in our culture.
Christina sits in front of a TV set and VCR, drawing squiggly lines on a legal pad, when Glen walks in.
Zabuski, a ``three strikes, you're out'' candidate whose criminal record dates back 20 years, shook his head during testimony by Detective Craig Ratliff about the attacks, penciling notes onto a legal pad.
Computers: Once, strategy was something you drew on a chalkboard and statistics were something sportswriters kept on a legal pad.
In the cafe car on this day, Steve Patterson and Lew Garber were hunched at a table over a yellow legal pad, a laptop and the contents of their briefcases.
NEC Solutions America and Abacus have revolutionized the legal pad by combining the most innovative Tablet PC on the market with the industry's most recognized law practice software," said Judd Kessler, Esq.
Wachs began the effort to change the city's purchasing system after an aide walked across the street from City Hall to purchase a legal pad and later learned the city paid three times that amount.
which invented the legal pad in 1888, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of paper-based office products in North America.
Wachs and myself,'' Riordan scribbled on a yellow legal pad.
Genske, seated behind the backstop, met with Penny briefly before batting practice Tuesday and showed him something Genske had written on a yellow legal pad, another possible indication of a deal.
smoking a Pall Mall and filling a yellow legal pad with his crabbed,
It has stood unchanged since his 1990 death and contains his favourite armchair and old yellow legal pad he wrote on.