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Under the new rules, district courts will be obliged to submit electronically to the registry office within one business day judgments on the establishment and termination of legal persons which are not traders, as well as changed circumstances pertaining to them.
Evidently, legal persons are seen to be from amongst the main responsible bodies of these crimes concerning the terrorist crimes in domestic law of the countries as well as in terms of international law, either as ordering parties and main crime assistants or as crime assistants and partners.
Legal persons originate by custom or statutory law.
Legal persons affected by the change are obliged on the day before the increase to make an inventory of their stock.
It wants 26-year-old Tommy and three other chimps to be ruled as legal persons, making it illegal to keep them in the conditions.
waste delivered from business entities to other natural and legal persons in the country or abroad during 2010.
Velasquez Romero said "The only alternative we have is to open the doors of Hondutel to any natural and legal persons in the country and abroad who want to invest in mobile broadband in order to develop the service and improve the companies revenues, and that is what we are working on.
Considering this first national regulatory framework (3), the electronic money institutions were a category of credit institutions, as legal persons issuing means of payment in the form of electronic currency.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The administration of Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) on Wednesday explained the mechanism of the legal persons trading on the securities listed in the DSE according to the provisions of the laws in force, taking into account the stock ownership rates.
Because the majority of private legal persons are companies, the detailed liquidation procedure is laid down in the Law on Companies.
41) One court harmonized the definitions of "agency or instrumentality" and "political subdivision" by reading the latter to include all governmental units that are not separate legal persons and the former to denote those that are, thus making them amenable to suit.