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legal persons and individual entrepreneurs included in the register of suppliers (contractors, executors) temporarily not allowed to purchase, formation and maintenance, which is carried out by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus and
It is always about the physical transfer of assets from Slovakia abroad, although from the legal perspective it is not a sale of assets, since the headquarters and the permanent office moving assets between themselves,are one legal person, and so the person of the assets owner does not change.
As long as the parties in question have trade records, they are considered as legal persons who can operate under the CBE's new regulations.
Under the new rules, district courts will be obliged to submit electronically to the registry office within one business day judgments on the establishment and termination of legal persons which are not traders, as well as changed circumstances pertaining to them.
waste delivered from business entities to other natural and legal persons in the country or abroad during 2010.
Therefore, in those Member States that allow cash payments above the established threshold, all natural or legal persons trading in goods by way of business should be covered by this Directive when accepting such cash payments.
Considering this first national regulatory framework (3), the electronic money institutions were a category of credit institutions, as legal persons issuing means of payment in the form of electronic currency.
The National Register of Non-Profit Legal Persons was introduced in Romania by Ordinance No.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The administration of Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) on Wednesday explained the mechanism of the legal persons trading on the securities listed in the DSE according to the provisions of the laws in force, taking into account the stock ownership rates.
The UN Convention Against Corruption was ratified by Cyprus in 2008 but in June this year, the European Council's GRECO (Group of States against Corruption) group recommended that the island "strengthens the sanctions applicable to legal persons (companies) convicted of crimes of corruption" so that they become more effective and pre-emptive.
Because the majority of private legal persons are companies, the detailed liquidation procedure is laid down in the Law on Companies.
The Commission ruled that these restrictions limit the freedom of establishment (Article 43 of the EC Treaty) in France for laboratories that are established in other member states and limit the scope for partnerships with legal persons in other member states