legal philosophy

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Frank's legal philosophy is therefore fairly hard to categorize
It might seem unusual to begin a book on legal philosophy with a chapter on epistemology.
One very significant factor in this regard was to be a review of On Law and Justice published in 1959 in The Cambridge Law Journal by another shooting star in legal philosophy, the newly appointed Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford University, H.
Readings in Legal Philosophy using the same three-part division.
In brief, legal philosophy of environmental protection is practicing environment regulation when environment cleanness faces to danger.
These legalistic accounts of the state include the enduring contributions of Hans Kelsen and Max Weber, as well as the strain of Oxford analytical legal philosophy exemplified by the work of H.
Murphy works at the intersection of analytical moral and legal philosophy and contemporary natural-law theory, and his work, including the present volume, is predominately philosophical in content.
45) into perspective, and sets the stage for further discussion about how Lincoln's long-term political ambitions and legal philosophy reflected Whig reverence for law as the cornerstone of society.
13) On Inwood and Miller's reading, legal philosophy in late antiquity was in relation to Roman law.
The year was exceptionally productive for Hart and included one of the most storied episodes in the history of Anglo-American legal philosophy.
6) Practitioners of legal philosophy (7) in the modern analytic tradition--proud heirs to the Hartian legacy--have Accordingly sought to explain the nature of law without reference to coercion.