legal pledge

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Last week, the NHM gave a legal pledge not to do intrusive experiments on the remains until a four-day hearing of the issues planned for February 22.
Sheila Morris, of Cottage Farm Road, was one of five residents who signed a legal pledge in October, 2000, not to harass Mr Green for a 12 month period.
EVERY parent is to be forced to sign a legal pledge that they will ensure their children behave in class.
In April, he avoided bankruptcy by attending Bournemouth County Court, where he made a legal pledge to pay back his massive debts.
Lawyers for 24-year-old Lewinsky secured a legal pledge that she will not be prosecuted for any criminal offence.
In its analysis of state lottery-backed revenue obligations, Fitch focuses on: the nature of the legal pledge and covenants, including the additional bonds test; the history of the revenue stream; historical and projected debt service coverage levels and amortization; and operating characteristics, including the nature of the games offered and the competitive environment for discretionary gaming spending.
The series 2011 bonds are secured by a net pledge of revenues of the airport and a legal pledge of PFC revenues.
For an 'A+' rating, Fitch expects a clear and strong legal pledge and covenants, an additional bonds test (ABT) of at least 3x MADS to offset the discretionary nature of the revenue stream, amortization within 20 years, and historically sustained, solid lottery revenues.
However, the legal pledge underpinning both components is the 1978 Trust Agreement.
Stress tests assuming the loss of all three operating units and a $3 million reduction in tax assessments would result in a payment default assuming the city does not go beyond its legal pledge and appropriate sufficient funds to cover the shortfall.
The county has historically paid debt service with gas tax revenues, even though the legal pledge is a full CB&A.
While the legal pledge for the BANs is revenue of ECFSA, which includes county sales tax revenue and state aid, repayment is expected to be derived from set-asides made by the county into a 'blocked account'.