legal power

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In reaching this conclusion, the court removed any distinction between a contingent beneficiary and a primary beneficiary by focusing on the legal powers of withdrawal held by a beneficiary and by treating a beneficiary's remoteness or contingent status as inconsequential.
IFC has great concerns with the MPAA's decision and will do everything within its legal power to fight this unjust rating judgment," stated IFC Entertainment President Jonathan Sehring.
Justice Goddard has said she will use every available legal power to force witnesses to give evidence.
It provides the legal power to strip offenders of ill-gotten gains - and rightly so.
Mr Hutton said yesterday: "After December 31 the UK has no legal power to detain any individuals in Iraq and continued detention would be a breach of the UK's international law obligations.
Proof, if it were needed, that for some all the legal power in the world just isn't enough.
And it may well have the legal power to do just that, seeing that the city has used stalling tactics to delay the dump's opening.
It has pitted the legal power of the United States government against the legal power of the Microsoft Corporation, which also has the highest market capitalization of any company in the world.
Furthermore, this shareholder proposal, which requests that the STFC board initiate a process for soliciting and evaluating merger proposals for STFC's controlling shareholder, State Auto Mutual, is beyond STFC's legal power or authority to complete.
Effectively Broughton is asking a judge to decide whether he has the legal power to sell the club in the face of opposition from Hicks and Gillett.
REPAIRS J Simon hammers nails out LEGAL POWER 3 Simon outside mill with trusty nail gun
The judicial system will put offenders behind bars and the Proceeds of Crime Act provides the legal power to strip them of ill-gotten gains.