legal practitioner

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Why,' said he, `does not the emperor, who has devised so many clever and efficient modes of improving the art of war, organize a regiment of lawyers, judges and legal practitioners, sending them in the hottest fire the enemy could maintain, and using them to save better men?
You have each taken an oath or affirmation that you will truly and honestly conduct yourself in the practice as a legal practitioner according to the best of your knowledge and ability.
Mohamamd Iqbal Khalil ex-Member BoD WSSP, Haji Mohamamd Javed ex-Member BoD WSSP, Arbab Usman Advocate Legal Practitioner and President PHC Bar Association, Mr.
The Author's examination of whether Internet governance can be better aligned with the rights and freedoms enshrined in human rights law and standards of compliance could be read by everyone in the academic, policy and legal practitioner communities.
Black has been a legal practitioner for some 30 years, and has taught at several colleges and universities--including The Citadel.
This treatise on the ambiguous concept known as corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an essential primer for the legal practitioner.
21) The legislation however provides that at least one legal practitioner director (22) (LPD) must be appointed.
She was admitted as a legal practitioner in Zimbabwe in 2001 with right of appearance in court.
The ATMS complaints resolution mechanism was developed under the guidance of a legal practitioner and modelled its forms along those used by the State and Territory Health Care Complaints Commissions.
Another appreciated that her legal practitioner had told her 'anything you need--just ring'.
Nonetheless, in his capacities as legal practitioner and historian of nature, Francis Bacon was a crucial figure in the transformation of "fact" from human to natural phenomena (107), as were the contributions of the Royal Society in general and such figures as Robert Hooke and Robert Boyle in particular.
Meyers, the visionary legal practitioner who helped revolutionize the practice of law as a founder of Jacoby & Meyers, the nation's first mass-market law firm, was killed Friday night when the car he was driving collided with a delivery truck on a winding country road in New Fairfield, Conn.