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Nine Fellows who have the potential to increase diversity within the legal profession will be named for the UW School of Law's entering class in the fall of 2015.
Computers and their like should, in my opinion, be used by the legal profession as a tool to assist and not as a substitute for sound legal advice.
The Supreme Court has held that a social duty is cast upon the legal profession to show the people beacon light by their conduct and actions.
Another element in the creation of a legal profession had to do with the fact that the jurisdiction of medieval church courts, despite variations in practice among different regions of Western Christendom, transcended political boundaries between kingdoms and principalities.
It is about time an enquiry was held into the legal profession itself.
May demonstrates that the 1836 Prisoners' Counsel Act was not the result of pressure from the legal profession, but in fact, became law in spite of forceful opposition from a majority of its members.
With the continued growth in our membership, this event wasan ideal way to bring together all members of the legal profession and promoted closer links between all bodies of the legal profession
John Davis, partner at IM, said: "While we have recruited some very high calibre individuals through advertising and the IM website, we have found people not familiar with the progressive culture of modern law firms have a narrow perception of the legal profession and the career it offers to them.
We're hoping we are training the lawyers who can turn the legal profession back to the right.
The cream of the legal profession in Wales will be honoured at an awards ceremony in Cardiff later this year.
Most lawyers relish the increased influence that unelected judges have conferred upon the legal profession, by usurping legislative power from elected representatives of the people in Parliament and the provincial legislatures.
That passion continues to inspire African Americans to enter the legal profession and drives them to excel.