legal recourse

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RWB condemns this intimidation of media outlets, which have no legal recourse, and urges the Israeli military authorities to return the confiscated material and allow these media to resume operating," the statement said.
There is no access to legal recourse since they are not bound by regulations.
Khan said that his party would also adopt a legal recourse against the commission before taking to the streets.
Since 2013 he has been taking legal recourse to remove libelous statements from an anonymous online reviewer.
The Delhi government also threatened to take legal recourse for the withdrawal of the tariff hike.
A legal team acting for the state said: "There is no more legal recourse.
According to Ranbaxy, it is expected to take legal recourse to challenge US FDA s decision to revoke the approval.
Together with legal advisers, the union is looking into the possibility of seeking legal recourse in Cyprus and the special EU court that deals with competition," the union said.
A LIVERPOOL lawyer who specialses in media and privacy says British users of Facebook will have little or no legal recourse against the social media giant after it conducted a psychology experiment on people without their knowledge.
The programme would issue sukuk through a wholly owned subsidiary of SocGen, a structure featuring back-to-back sharia-compliant contracts that would provide investors legal recourse to the French lender, Kuala Lumpur-based credit ratings firm RAM Ratings reportedly said in a bourse filing.
We are returning to the dark days of previous centuries where the rich can do as they like and ordinary people have little legal recourse.
The national workplace relations tribunal is said to be trying a conciliation conference for the two parties and if the issue cannot be resolved, Grieg will have to seek legal recourse in a federal court.

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