legal recourse

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The same judge had earlier ruled in April that shareholders could take legal recourse to force the company to hold an annual meeting that is overdue.
Experts warn that buyers, when spending larger amounts, should stick to reputable dealers and antique shops to ensure legal recourse if needed.
The portal also outlines legal issues related to the cause of each disease and whether there is legal recourse for patients who have contracted certain ailments.
Thakur said before taking legal recourse, he had warned the group users that they must not use such derogatory language and had also written to Facebook, requesting them to block the group.
Kevin Kessinger, formerly in charge of operations and technology at Citigroup, Inc is take legal recourse for his multi-million dollar severance package.
Usually, they manifest themselves in smaller ways: immigrants who get scammed and exploited because they have no legal recourse, illegal aliens who endanger the roads by driving unlicensed and uninsured, the gross violation of tax and labor laws.
Without a written policy, workers would be unaware of the rule and could therefore have legal recourse," she says.
If confirmed by further research, these findings make it highly probable that American patent holders have legal recourse in US courts to stop the cross-border trade," Skinner continued.
This is the first time in the 20- year period of armed insurgency in the state that a secessionist has taken legal recourse against the police and paramilitary forces.
If they are malicious, intended to harm their career or reputation, citizens should be aware that officers have legal recourse,'' Kalish said.
Zacks and The Wall Street Digest will pursue all legal recourse in this matter to bring the guilty parties to justice.
Doubting the motive for filing the petition, the chief justice asked the petitioners how they were bothered if couples did not follow custom but taken legal recourse to get married.

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