legal redress

See: recourse
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While addressing a specially convened meeting of the Complaints and Monitoring Cell of the SECP, Zafar Hijazi said it was the primary duty and function of the SECP to help the aggrieved investors in seeking legal redress for their grievances -a task for which the SECP was primarily established.
The workshop participants exchanged views on the role of independence of election administration, participation of women in elections, as well as public awareness of the activities of the Central Election Commission and the right to legal redress.
Betsy Davis, chairwoman of Anti-Racial Profiling Committee of League of United Latin American Citizens, Jack Radey, chairman of NAACP's Legal Redress Committee, and Salome Chimuku, public policy director with Center for Intercultural Organizing, will discuss "Achieving Equity in Policing: Minority Voices"; guest/gallery admission is $5, free for members; meeting will be broadcast Monday at 6:30 p.
Justice for so many on low incomes (and they are many) is not even a dream or attainable in this era of cost-cutting, and the raising of the prices for any legal redress makes it highly impossible to get real justice.
NZNO may seek legal redress under the Employment Relations Act if the situation cannot be resolved.
Hence, in extreme cases, a foreign firm's local assets may be seized without legal redress.
Roozonline said the police warned his family members against providing any information about his death or pursuing legal redress.
The reform also introduces restrictions to individuals who intend to seek legal redress for their losses.
The company believes the verdicts were legally flawed on a number of grounds, and will evaluate and fully pursue all appropriate avenues of appeal and legal redress once the judgment is final.
But the panel will have limited powers and can offer no access to legal redress or compensation.
Jobs Not Jails Discussion The NAACP Legal Redress Committee and several Central Mass.
But Gold said before last night's fresh development: "There is nowhere to go other than to seek some kind of legal redress.

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