legal relationship

See: privity
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When we interviewed them, we found out that the woman has no legal relationship with any of the men.
said: "When you have this situation the block of flats can be extremely hard to manage as the landlord and the managing agent have no legal relationship with or control over any tenant who is renting a flat.
It claimed that the current law doesn't directly address marriage contracts, the implications of unregistered marriages, or the legal relationship between engaged couples.
In addition to the court's concern that a strict notice requirement, as advocated by the trial court, would be inconsistent with the statutory language and purpose of the state's notice requirement law, the court noted that such a requirement would also directly conflict with the Rules of Civil Procedure of the State of Florida, which provide, inter alia, that notice to any prospective defendant can be imputed to those persons or entities in a legal relationship with the noticed defendant.
Nor was adoption sought by anyone in this case, and special guardianship would preserve the legal relationship with the family that adoption would extinguish.
This was the first time that same sex couples could enter into a formal legal relationship almost identical to marriage.
The Act created a new legal relationship of civil partnership, which two people of the same gender can form by signing a registration document.
CIVIL partnership is a new legal relationship exclusively for same-sex couples, distinct from marriage.
The partnerships are, according to the Act, a completely new legal relationship for same-sex couples, and are distinct from marriage.
The child suffers needlessly when the nonbiological partner is unable to establish a legal relationship, especially should the biological parent die or the relationship otherwise dissolve.
The proposal caused a firestorm last month as officials and others expressed concern that the change could give animals new legal rights or change the legal relationship between people and their pets.
DeHaven claims that when the man Pappas married in California in 1967 adopted the two boys in September 1972, this action "automatically terminated all legal relationship, including support, between .

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