Legal Residence

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Legal Residence

The place of domicile—the permanent dwelling—to which a person intends to return despite temporary abodes elsewhere or momentary absences.

A person can have several transitory residences, but is deemed to have only one legal residence.

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While the use of legal residence was intended to be a pragmatic exception to an otherwise economic concept of residence, it likely leads to distortions throughout the core framework of the SNA as MNE activity increases.
Permanent Legal Residence through the process and the investment cannot be returned to the investor before he or she receives the permanent residence.
exploited the situation of some people who were staying illegally in the country, as he promised them to get them passports with legal residence visas stamped on them.
The report said offshore wealth - defined as assets booked in a country where the investor has no legal residence or tax domicile - rose 6.
Offshore wealth, defined as assets booked in a country where the investor has no legal residence or tax domicile, rose by 6.
can obtain legal status through an agricultural card program, which allows them to bypass the provisional stage and apply for legal residence.
BEIRUT, (SANA)- Intelligence Services at the Lebanese Army arrested a Lebanese and five Syrians carrying no legal residence papers inside a car near al-Qaa border crossing point in al-Bekaa region.
The sponsorship system binds the work and legal residence permits of foreigners to their employers, legally known as sponsors.
However, only three members have so far been accepted by other countries, and they all held citizenship or legal residence papers for those countries.
The terms of the transaction also include a change in domicile for Gravis, which will take up legal residence in Delaware, Petroa[euro](tm)s state of incorporation.
Expatriates who have outstanding debts have not been able to exit the country or have legal residence status, upon the conclusion or termination of their employment, until all debts had been cleared.
Israel also confiscated 13,135 identity cards between 1967 and 2008 and during the same period, Israeli authorities have demolished almost 20,000 houses in East Jerusalem, claiming that Palestinians do not have secure legal residence status.

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