Legal Residence

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Legal Residence

The place of domicile—the permanent dwelling—to which a person intends to return despite temporary abodes elsewhere or momentary absences.

A person can have several transitory residences, but is deemed to have only one legal residence.

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Rassier also notes that the economic literature on the formation of MNEs, global guidance on the taxation of MNEs, and economic accounting alternatives to legal residence all lend support to a concept of economic residence in lieu of legal residence.
If that uncertainty were not enough, the delay in the visa adjudications also presents a second problem for investors --because the 10 jobs requirement needs to be satisfied for at least a two-year period beginning with the grant of the conditional legal residence, if the waiting period imposed by USCIS happens to be too long, there could be a situation in which the real estate project is already finished and the 10 jobs requirement is not met because construction workers are no longer needed.
Israel also confiscated 13,135 identity cards between 1967 and 2008 and during the same period, Israeli authorities have demolished almost 20,000 houses in East Jerusalem, claiming that Palestinians do not have secure legal residence status.
This monograph on immigration law in the European Union examines the effects of Directive 2003/109 and argues that the unintended side effects of long-term residence regulations is to create a back door to legal residence status that thwarts member states' regulation of immigration.
For nearly a decade Congress has failed to pass a bill--the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act--that would grant Alulema legal residence and free her from a life in the shadows.
Another will deal with Visas and Legal Residence Considerations and Regulations.
More than 200 illegal immigrants started a hunger strike in Athens on Tuesday to seek legal residence status, in the latest sign of a growing crisis in the recession-hit EU frontier state.
According to her and other lawmakers, this marriage could be a backdoor for the Chinese or foreign women to get a legal residence permit in Egypt and for the Egyptians to get money from them.
Deliver them to their nation of origin or last country of legal residence and then send the bill to that nation's embassy hare in the U.
First, said Shumake, the terms domicile, and legal residence, are synonymous.
The determination of what is a legal residence is a matter of law and as a matter of law, Panorama City is my residence," he said cryptically Friday when asked about where he lives.
The man, who had a legal residence permit for Denmark, was also "suspected of being involved in terror-related activities in East Africa," it said.

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