legal right

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Legal Right

An interest that the law protects; an enforceable claim; a privilege that is created or recognized by law, such as the constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

legal right

noun authority, authorization, cause, claim, empowerment, entitlement, freedom, inalienable right, just claim, legitimate right, license, power, prerogative, vested right or interest
Associated concepts: due process, freedom of the press, free speech, right against self-incrimination, right to assemmle, right to petition
See also: birthright, droit, freedom, jurisdiction, patent
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Making internet access a legal right also helps in bringing connectivity to hard-to-reach areas.
Acas has existing good practice guidance on managing bereavement at work and we are working on revising our advice to incorporate this new legal right.
I presume he means he has taken legal rights from the family and given them to the " people" and the State.
Legal systems are generally a reflection of the society in which they operate, thus lawmakers created clear boundaries between those who had legal rights and those who did not.
Health Secretary Andy Burnham also said at a conference that everyone aged 40 to 74 would have a legal right to a five-yearly NHS health check from 2012 to assess their risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.
And you personally make sure that the accused people will enjoy all freedoms and legal rights to defend themselves and their rights will not be violated," it added.
Telstra's angry shareholders also have no legal right to stop Telstra from paying Trujillo the $20 million.
But, whether you have a will or not, certain legal rights must be observed, although if you die intestate - that is, without a will - prior rights must be satisfied first.
Care should also be given to properly address whether at-risk applies when there is (1) a lender with an interest other than as a creditor and (2) loss protection by legal right or agreement.
Winner of the Tripleprint Gold Cup in 1999, Tote Silver Cup in 2000 and Tommy Whittle Chase in 2001, Legal Right was last seen on a racecourse when finishing second in the 2002 Pillar Property Chase.
Once any one legal right is given to any one nonhuman animal, the legal inquiry for basic rights can begin to shift from the question of `are you a human being?
State-run child protection service (CPS) agencies wield tremendous power: They can intervene in a family's life on a number of levels, and they have the legal right to remove children from their home and place them in state's custody.

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