legal trial

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Four years ago, Chicago blazed a legal trial with a lawsuit accusing leading opioid manufacturers of knowingly misrepresenting the benefits of opioids, concealing serious addiction risks and targeting the elderly and veterans by making bogus medical claims.
While the defendant-protagonist's legal trial takes place in the public sphere, his or her trial of conscience, though it envelopes the legal conflict, partakes also of the private or the domestic sphere, thus providing alternative settings, removed from the courtroom.
The report stated that Nawaz Sharif was not given the benefit of a legal trial, and was punished on the findings of an investigative panel.
Justice Kayani remarked if Nawab Ali Leghari was involved in any criminal activity then a legal trial should be conducted and if he was an innocent person then no one have right of his illegal confinement.
From Ross Ramsey: Amid a legal trial on the Texas redistricting case, the mapmakers of the hour are the three federal judges hearing the litigation in San Antonio.
Government officials and MPs previously rejected any talk on Trump's involvement in Hegazy's release, stressing that shewas only released after concluding her legal trial and fulfilling all conditions for her release.
It is a political and legal trial against President Nicolas Maduro to see what responsibility he has in the constitutional rupture that has broken democracy, human rights and the future of the country," (http://www.
dtSearch, a text retrieval software embedded in legal trial prep and e-discovery software, works to alleviate problems with searching large data collections.
Unless and until effective steps are taken by your administration to address this situation, including preparing the grounds for a public legal trial of the accused in a credible court, the international community will not be convinced of your administration's resolve to make effective domestic reforms.
Nothing less than the preservation of the civil legal trial is at stake.
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are increasingly resorting to hunger strikes to protest both their indefinite detention with no charges and being denied the right to a legal trial.
According to the AIC, administrative detentions violate Article (66) of Geneva Convention IV, which demands that trials should be held in the occupied territory, as well as Article (71) which states that the use of private courts of the occupying power should only take place after a legal trial.