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If money is all that matters, we should legalise prostitution and arms trade as well," Saleh retorted sarcastically, however.
but I do believe the only way to treat heroin is to legalise it.
I fear if you legalise them all then you potentially increase dependency because people think it is okay and more people will try it, some of those who at the moment don't and don't move on particularly to hard drugs because of the legal situation,' she said.
The association warmly welcomed the long-awaited Food Standards Agency's agreement to seek ministerial approval for the production of skin-on sheep meat, commonly known as smokies, as a massive step forward in the campaign to legalise this form of distinctive meat, which is a favourite among some ethnic communities.
We can't just wave the white flag at this problem, but to legalise drugs to us would be a huge mistake.
The arguments seem to go as in all controversial issues, if it's done often and long enough, why not legalise it then we don't have to worry about it?
At a time when we are encouraging people not to smoke or drink too much alcohol because of the damaging effects, it would be inconsistent to legalise cannabis.
He is said to be calling on Irish lawmakers to legalise same sex marriage in his native country and grant "equal rights for all".