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Any government needs to think twice before legalising drugs.
Therefore, legalising it would improve its quality, making it "less harmless", and would also "diversify the sources of income in Egypt".
Donnelly said legalising euthanasia would make older people more vulnerable.
One of the main arguments in favour of legalising Marijuana is that it could potentially generate billions of dollars in tax revenues and generate jobs in the state.
They will not succeed with their objectives unless a proactive approach is made to reducing dependence on drugs We need to be informed by medical opinion on how to deal with the problem and I hope that the discussion called for is productive GEOFFREY BULMER, Billingham HERE we go again, another debate on legalising Class A drugs 'Commissioner backs calls for drug debate' (30.
We should weigh all the pros and cons before taking a step towards legalising betting," he said.
About 52% of French favour legalising gay marriage, according to a survey released on Sunday, down from as high as 65% in August.
Ms Mowlam - who as Cabinet Office minister was responsible for the Government's anti-drugs policy - said legalising and taxing drugs was the only way to deal with the problem.
If the Dutch senate passed the law formally legalising euthanasia, he would buy a Dutch-registered ship and practise euthanasia just outside Australian waters.
htm) recently signed a bill legalising gay marriage, sparking widespread violent protests.
SIR - I am sure that people who advocate legalising assisted suicide are speaking from the heart.
Whatever Donald is saying about legalising ball tampering, it doesn't matter.