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Living at the end of the chaos of the Warring States period, Xunzi attempted to keep a balance between Confucian ideal and Legalistic reality.
He was a key figure in dismantling a long hegemony of pietism, the interpretation of Paul as a guilt-ridden introspective conscience who found his way to personal salvation only by taking a leap of faith and by breaking all ties with a supposedly legalistic Judaism.
The making and enforcement of regulation in America is highly legalistic and adversarial, while government regulation of business in Europe, Japan, and Canada tends to be more flexible and cooperative.
Another industry observer, David Marguiles, president of The Marguiles Communications Group and a former investigative reporter, lists three reasons consumers dislike insurers: Insurance companies work with people at times of great stress; they often have to say no; and their communications are often legalistic, impersonal or unintelligible.
This has entailed going back to information on professional practice, the impact of recent technology, legalistic and statutory aspects of the art world and new sources of information.
To say that "recreation is the single greatest threat to wilderness" ("Path of Destruction," Going Green, May/ June 2000) is perhaps true, but only in a legalistic and misleading sense.
Forgive us for being legalistic (we are, after all, lawyers), but in an administrative law context, a "rule" does not include a revenue "ruling," precisely because the latter is not subject to the APA's notice, comment, and publication safeguards.
The approach of obedience to stated rules and stress on legalistic interpretations could lead us to the conclusion that any action not explicitly prohibited is acceptable.
Regarded as the earliest theory on corporate governance, the legalistic approach is grounded under the Companies' Act and common law.
In a purely verbal and legalistic sense, Earth First
Caliphs were monarchs who never ruled legalistic political systems in the Weberian sense.
If a legal document such as an admission agreement is overly legalistic or seems one-sided in favor of your community, it may hamper marketing efforts.