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We are morally, and often legally, responsible for the evil we intentionally do.
While neutrality is legally appropriate, it places the burden on businesses to determine the best technologies and practices to support their own e-commerce initiatives.
Dan Mitchell, a UCLA professor of management and public policy, said there is no foolproof method available to ensure workers are legally in the country, and the prospect of a national identity card raises issues of civil liberties -- and cost.
I) at the time such election is filed, such individual is no longer married to, or is legally separated from, the individual with whom such individual filed the joint return to which the election relates; or
Although the corporation's officers and employees may have legally mandated duties of their own, those duties are separate and distinct from those of the corporation.
As two legally single people, the couple could be nothing more than good friends, or roommates.
Creating art for many years while battling Keratoconus, a debilitating eye condition that left her legally blind for decades, Gabrielle is the featured artist at the NoHo Gallery LA's ``Woman'' exhibit currently running at the North Hollywood gallery.
And on Friday, June 13, Hayes and Trainor become one of the first American same-sex couples to be legally married.
78-197, the Service stated that it would treat the proceeds from a charitable contribution followed by a redemption of a donee's stock, under facts similar to Palmer, 62TC 684 (1974), as donor income if the donee is legally bound or can be compelled by the corporation to surrender the shares for redemption.