legally bound

See: liable
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There have reportedly been differing legal opinions over whether the guild is legally bound to pay off Hessinger, but settlement talks are expected to take place, possibly this week.
78-197, the Service stated that it would treat the proceeds from a charitable contribution followed by a redemption of a donee's stock, under facts similar to Palmer, 62TC 684 (1974), as donor income if the donee is legally bound or can be compelled by the corporation to surrender the shares for redemption.
Cartwright should be a party to the planning obligations in order that he can be satisfied that its interest in the land is legally bound.
He insisted: "While I understand members of the public thinking I have omitted this I feel legally bound.
The court concluded that, at the time of the gifts, the charities were not legally bound and could not be compelled to sell the warrants; moreover, the facts fell squarely within Rev.