legally incapable

See: disabled
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Tortures are also used in orphanages, elderly homes, mental facilities, but people held they can't report about tortures as they are considered legally incapable.
Also prescription does not run as regards a creditor who is legally incapable, absent or convicted criminal if he is not legally represented.
Khaled Ali accused the state of resorting to Law 87 because it is legally incapable of punishing striking workers, as punishment for strikers is illegal under Egypt's constitution.
In the Siberian Altai region, the voter lists included 986 people who should not have voted as they were either deemed legally incapable of casting their ballots or they were in jail.
Using these terms to describe the abuse of a minor legally incapable of consent blurs the bright line that needs to exist for these crimes.
Judge Ray Fullam said he had taken advantage of the girl when she was legally incapable of consenting to sex.
7) A similar argument to that made in Fox would apply for a carnal knowledge offense as the reason consent is not a defense to carnal knowledge is because the victim, due to age, is legally incapable of consenting.
A bill was introduced in the Belgian Senate last year that would extend euthanasia to patients legally incapable of expressing their will, such as children and patients suffering from dementia or strokes (the latter on the condition that they made a "living will").
In December 1997, Faye Girsh, executive director of the pro-euthanasia Hemlock Society USA, issued a statement endorsing killing individuals - - such as people with Alzheimer's disease and children with disabilities - - who are legally incapable of making the decision themselves.
If a person for inherent reasons is considered to be legally incapable, then it follows, ipso facto, that she cannot assume the capacity of guardian for someone else.
Not a single creditor class voted to accept the KKR/Company Plan which means that the KKR/Company Plan is dead since, as a result of the vote, it is legally incapable of being confirmed and, therefore, should not be considered by the Bankruptcy Court.
Ingrid Williamson was a ward of the state at the time and was legally incapable of making her own decisions.