legally qualified

See: eligible
References in classic literature ?
But the fact is the fellow was not legally qualified for command, and the Consul was bound, if at all possible, to put a properly certificated man on board.
The costs of driver training for the community sector is often seen as prohibitive, leading to shortages in legally qualified minibus drivers.
It consists of four members who are legally qualified and four lay members, all appointed by the Welsh Government.
A recent survey of the general public produced the staggering result that 67 per cent of the general public believed will writers to be legally qualified.
Not every client has a legally qualified friend from the pub who will track this down for the price of a pint however, and many people will happily just pay the amount quoted.
They identified a need for further work to be done in relation to the Galilee Report (on whether the blessing of same-sex unions is a faithful, spirit-led development of doctrine), and the Rothesay Report (on a theological rationale for amending the marriage canon to allow for the marriage of all legally qualified persons).
Despite a lack of physical contact, the jury found that the doctor had placed the technician in fear of imminent bodily harm - conduct that legally qualified as an assault.
Requiring all coroners to be legally qualified - many of them are doctors'
They think the people offering advice are legally qualified or have some legal background.
The board consists of a legally qualified and independent chairman, supported by two Jockey Club members.
The Appeal Board consists of a legally qualified and independent chairman supported by two members of the Jockey Club.