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In his first interview with an LGBT publication, Legare shared with the Liberty Press that the stereotype of male figure skaters being gay just isn't true.
In order to examine the potential benefits of explanation-based learning, Legare and her collaborator, Tania Lombrozo of the University of California at Berkeley, presented 182 preschoolers from age 3 to 6 with a mechanical toy composed of colorful, interlocking gears with a crank on one end and a propeller on the other.
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Die semiotiese chora word in Prudhomme en Legare se The Subject in Process (2006) as "a sort of dancing body" beskryf, wat aansluit by die kunswerk "Ongetiteld" deur Charles Tait op die voorblad van die bundel.
Correspondence: Gilles Legare, Direction de l'analyse et de l'evaluation des systemes de soins et de services, Institut national de sante publique du Quebec, 288, rue Pierre-Saindon, Rimouski, QC G5L 9A8, Tel: 418-727-4570, Fax: 418-723-3103, E-mail: gilles.
Elderly Canadian couple Ronald and Jacqueline Legare - part of a group of 13 friends and family on the rafting trip - were killed in the accident on the rapids.
a Legare Anchorage/archaeological zone (2,360) that allows recreational drifting or trolling and commercial fishing/trapping
He was also inspired by a Joseph Legare painting that depicts Edmund Kean, a famous English actor, performing Shakespeare in Wendake in the 1800s.
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During the 17th century the French goldsmith Gilles Legare and the Swiss enameller Jean I Petitot achieved, at the courts of both Charles I and Louis XIV, exceptional results in marrying figurative and floral enamelled frames with enamel portraits of the highest quality.
Survivors include her husband; two children, Loralie Legare of Las Cruces and Loren of Tucson, Ariz.