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An introduction and six chapters trace the evolution of the marriage legibility project over the course of the twentieth century, moving between a local context (the town and surrounding region of Sikasso), a larger colonial context (French Sudan and the greater French West African federation), and transnational influences.
One of these consequences is the effect of tall buildings on the legibility of their surroundings.
In case of legibility of prescription, legibility of frequency was found to be better than that of drug name and dose.
NASDAQ: TYPE) said that together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab, they have developed a new, streamlined methodology for testing the legibility of typefaces on screens under glance-like conditions.
Among the ergonomic aspects involved in information systems, those related to the visibility, legibility and readability of visual elements stand out (NIEMEYER, 2006), particularly alpha-numeric characters and the iconographic symbols widely used in communication systems for signalization, orientation and safety (SANTOS and FIALHO, 1997).
Objective: To find out quality of surgical case notes according to modified Adjusted Note keeping and Legibility (ANKLe) score in Dow University Hospital.
Reading Letters: Designing for Legibility is a pick for any collection appealing to type designers, and covers the basics of assessing the optimal typeface for different projects.
Lastly, the CIAA regrets that the Council took a simplified approach to legibility by focusing on font size (1.
According to Brady, their thermal transfer print technology offers no less than 72 combinations of labels and print ribbons to ensure maximum legibility and permanence under all conditions, with print speeds up to 70 labels per second and crisp, clear, readable text at sizes from four point upward.
CPOE promises to eliminate problems of legibility and miscommunication.
However, McGinness's manner is rather more quixotic than Durer's: He dispenses with text altogether in favor of baroque decoration, excited lines and rich colors converging in spontaneous pseudologos with a legibility all their own.
GPS global positioning systems, used in cell phones, PDAs and car/boat/ aircraft mapping systems, demand high legibility on their miniature digital displays, even in direct sunlight.