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There was a red brick house with a small paved courtyard in front, which anybody might have known belonged to the attorney; and there was, moreover, another red brick house with Venetian blinds, and a large brass door-plate with a very legible announcement that it belonged to the surgeon.
Contract notice: provision of a legible cities framework for transport for south hampshire.
A LEADING Cardiff-born author has warned that a literacy crisis among TV-obsessed school pupils is threatening the future of children who are leaving primary education without the ability to write a legible sentence.
9 standard, which states, "Identification of the sling should be maintained by the user so as to be Legible during the Life of the sling.
A THE legal rules for registration plates say the registration mark shall be fixed and displayed on the front and the back so that the letters and figures are easily legible up to a distance of 75ft (23m) in daylight and 18m at night.
Circulation is legible, as internal and external terraces mirror each other, and indirect light penetrates deep into the building through north-facing glass walls.
Pens did not work because the ink would often smear and handwriting was not always legible," said Sebastien Lebon, mixing process engineer at Paulstra.
Until now, the first fully legible Maya writing dated to around A.
Oppenheim's work could be seen as critical dialogue with various attempts to make art legible by subjecting it to a linguistic model--from Panofskyan iconology to the Conceptual art of the era from which the alphabet posters stem.
A few tables are small, but overall the diagrams and charts are clear and legible.
And turn-around time for getting repaired components back depends on you making sure the green tag blocks have correct, complete, and legible information.
Each offered recipe is designed to be adaptible to the user's need, as well as speedy to learn and apply, and the list of recommended "best practices" such as "Do not use wild cards in Ant scripts" and "Prefer classes over interfaces to store constants" will keep one's code legible and easily modifiable to co-workers, assistants or successors.