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We had access to the financial statements of the Legionaries of Christ's universities, and they generated $300 million per year," he said.
Yet the Parthians' hit-and-run attacks were taking their toll on the legionaries, who were suffering causalities without being able to respond.
Yet, it is Weigel's third question that has drawn the most attention from Catholics concerned about the movement's future: "Must the Legion be dissolved, with perhaps a core group of incontestably honest former Legionaries re-forming a religious congregation dedicated to the ideals that have been fouled by Fr.
It is made more unlikely by the fact that Roman legionaries were only in the Birmingham area for a short time at a fort at Metchley, close to the present QE Hospital.
Parties ventured into the countryside to reap corn and gather supplies, but legionaries of the Seventh were ambushed by British chariots and horsemen.
The immediate cause of the revolt was the confiscation of native land for retiring Roman legionaries around the garrison town of Colchester.
FANS of Russell Crowe's heroics in the Oscar-nominated epic Gladiator came face to face with Roman legionaries at Rugby Museum.
However, some scholars claim that Roman legionaries settled in China long before this.
s 336,000 square-foot Thornwood Conference Center in Valhalla, NY to The Legionaries of Christ, which plans to use the facility as a training center.
Armed Forces may indeed be becoming a force of legions and legionaries, tasked with maintaining frontiers and influence, against incursions inimical to American interests and security worldwide.
A lawsuit against the Legionaries of Christ approaching trial in Texas alleges one of its priests attempted to extort, via text message, an additional $94,000 from a Houston-area developer as contingent to closing a land deal between the parties.