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Investigative reporter, author and film director Jason Berry, whose recent report on the Legion of Christ's Father Marcial Maciel was published in the National Catholic Reporter says, "I was pulled along by the story of a young Irishman drawn into the world of the Legionaries of Christ, unable to see the raw truth of Father Maciel, coming to the painful realization of Maciel's psychological tyranny as time passed, and having the fortune to leave early enough to make a new life.
Yet, it is Weigel's third question that has drawn the most attention from Catholics concerned about the movement's future: "Must the Legion be dissolved, with perhaps a core group of incontestably honest former Legionaries re-forming a religious congregation dedicated to the ideals that have been fouled by Fr.
It is made more unlikely by the fact that Roman legionaries were only in the Birmingham area for a short time at a fort at Metchley, close to the present QE Hospital.
The Flag of the Legion: It will be the most glorious because it will be stained with the blood of its legionaries.
So confident were the Britons that they had brought their wives and children along to watch; so tactically inept were they also that they flooded recklessly into the narrow pass and on to the swords of the Roman legionaries.
Moving to a tankless design helps water heater manufacturers avoid the persistent problems that have plagued water heaters since the 1800s, such as Legionaries disease which resembles flu symptoms but can cause death; sediment deposits that shorten water tank life cycles and impede energy efficiency; tank ruptures that cause severe flooding; very hot water temperatures that could scald infants or elderly family members and sometimes lead to accidental death; and accidental fires with gas water heaters that are caused by pilot lights igniting flammable substances such as gasoline.
Contract notice: Ga 03-14: designation of preliminary design, construction management, measurement and accounting and security coordination during preliminary design and execution on intervention called ~infrastructure for telecommunications in the industrial zones of the municipalities of cormons, romans d ~isonzo, ronchi of the legionaries and villesse~ - igc: 6000676a7a.
A canon lawyer representing eight former members of the Legionaries of Christ who filed pedophilia charges in 1998 against the order's founder, Fr.
Significantly, it shows a man wearing a "caliga," shoes worn by Roman legionaries and from where the emperor got his nickname.
VATICAN ARCHBISHOP Valasio De Paolis has been named the papal delegate for the Legionaries of Christ, the order that has faced scandal since it was revealed that its founder, Rev.
Come the morning there's the option of bucks fizz for breakfast - a rather decadent way to start the day before setting out to walk in the footsteps of sober Roman legionaries around the walls of what was once the Roman city of Deva.
Maciel founded the Legionaries in his native Mexico in 1941 as an underground movement at a time when the Catholic Church was being persecuted in Mexico by an anti-clerical government (CNS, Feb.