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On the other hand, he might have been a Roman civilian working at the legionary supply depot at Holt, honing his skills in tile production with an eye on setting up a private business.
The Spirit of Marching: A legionary will never say he is tired until he collapses with exhaustion.
Like the "Lost Roman" (Olussa) I found myself having a little more sympathy with the indigenous peoples than with the legionary war-machine of Rome.
Saturday, February 9 NEWPORT Learn the traditional art of working with willow in this hoops and hearts workshop run by Out to Learn Willow at the National Roman Legionary Museum in Caerleon.
com/) is a Miami-based company that creates unique jewelry based on ancient Roman legionary artifacts.
ACCORDING to the Handbook, the practice of legionary centurions using inscription stones to record the lengths of Wall which their men built means we know the names of about 150 such officers.
Legionary soldier Lustus will talk about life in the Roman army.
The following is an interview with Legionary Father Thomas D.
Each piece of the Ermine Street Guard's replicated legionary equipment is made as authentically as practicable and is based on the most recent research with high standards of workmanship and accuracy.
Look out for Joel playing the part of a legionary in the French film, Asterix et Cleopatre.
Perhaps a Roman legionary or auxiliary buried his money before the battle and never got to recover it.
Eamon Kelly, an Irish Legionary, to cultivate donors for this project.