legislative sanction

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The Indian Supreme Court has repeatedly stressed the respect given to the national implementation of international law, and the need to accommodate international law even without express legislative sanction," the paper says.
He added that the amendments to the Competition Act have already been sent to the Standing Committee of the Parliament and he was hopeful that after seeking views/ suggestions, the amendments to the Competition Act would be given a legislative sanction.
You can almost hear Pompey's senatorial claque fomenting the fear as a rationale for the legislative sanction of a stronger, more robust executive.
The reason was--and is--affirmative action, which derives its major legislative sanction from the Civil Rights Act.
The later development of community placement alternatives despite the lack of funding, legislative sanction or general public support offers readers an unparalleled look at the innovation process.
Today's ribbon cutting ceremony and Open House pays homage to the Lowe's Grove community's rich history and landmark site of the "first cooperative credit union, operating under legislative sanction, established in the South" on January 20, 1916.
Meanwhile, US sanctions relief "will include the legislative sanctions with respect to Iranian oil sales, with respect to Iran's transportation sector, with respect to banking - essentially that whole group of nuclear-related economic sanctions that are described in the deal," a second official said.
From the nonviolent Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions ( BDS) campaign going mainstream thanks to a Superbowl ad ( featuring an unrepentant Scarlett Johansson) for a company that has a factory in an Israeli settlement to US President Barack Obama insisting he would ignore the efforts of the US' powerful pro- Israel lobby AIPAC by vetoing any further legislative sanctions on Iran, the misnamed ' peace process' remained in the headlines this week -- albeit not in India.
Ideally, Iran would no doubt prefer formal legislative sanctions relief over de facto relief via nonenforcement.
Under the present Government, schools have been given an unprecedented menu of regulatory and legislative sanctions to support them in tackling pupil indiscipline.