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When Howard and other black legislators came back to Springfield in early 2003 with a similar set of bills, they had a Democratic governor and party majorities in the General Assembly.
But she wonders why responsible Catholic legislators or candidates do not make an effort to explain the rationale behind the "prudential judgments" they are making.
Two legislators, Dr Murad Rass and Shoaib Siddiqi, stood up on a point of order, but Rass spoke first and thanked all those PML-N legislators who voted for Chaudhry Sarwar.
During Question Hour on Schools Education, legislators from both sides of the political divide expressed displeasure over the absence of Minister from the House and that of Secretary from the officials' gallery.
This infuriated the BJP legislators who shouted back saying that they will hang Rasheed in the street, reported.
The cold shoulder attitude of the Deputy Speaker further infuriated the protesting women legislators of PML-N, which gathered in front of Speaker's dice and chanted slogans against PTI and its leadership.
After taking a pledge to abstain from alcohol to make Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's prohibition policy a success, legislators came forward to donate blood for the poor and needy patients at a cancer awareness camp organised in the Bihar legislative Assembly premises on Saturday.
Fastest way to reach them: ALL legislators have their own laptop computer
When it comes to voting, there are legislators, especially new ones, who will follow the lead of legislators who have been in office for a few years.
The author devotes a large portion of this chapter introducing readers to the theory of representational identity, which incorporates the diversity of experiences of Black female legislators that is part of a collective identity.
The budget day had turned ugly after Opposition legislators adopted violent tactics to try and prevent bribery-accused finance minister K.
59 legislators in the House of 60 voted in favor of DAN Government headed by TR Zeliang and with this development the month-long political impasse that started early last month came to an end.