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LEGITIMATION. The act of giving the character of legitimate children to those who were not so born.
     2. In Louisiana, the Civil Code, art. 217, enacts that "children born out of marriage, except those who are born of an incestuous or adulterous connexion, may be legitimated by the subsequent marriage of their father and mother whenever the latter have legally acknowledged them for their children, either before their marriage, or by the contract of marriage itself."
     3. In most of the other states the character of legitimate children is given to those who are not so, by special acts of assembly. In Georgia, real estate may descend from a mother to her illegitimate children and their representatives, and from such child, for want of descendants, to brothers and sisters, born of the same mother, and their representatives. Prince's Dig. 202. In Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Vermont and Virginia, subsequent marriages of parents, and recognition by the father, legitimatize an illegitimate child and in Massachusetts, for all purposes except inheriting from their kindred. Mass. Rev. St. 414.
     4. The subsequent marriage of parents legitimatizes the child in Illinois, but he must be afterwards acknowledged. The same rule seems to have been adopted in Indiana and Missouri. An acknowledgment of illegitimate children, of itself, legitimatizes in Ohio, and in Michigan and Mississippi marriage alone between the reputed parents has the same effect. In Maine, a bastard inherits to one who is legally adjudged, or in writing owns himself to be the father. A bastard may be legitimated in North Carolina, on application of the putative father to court, either where he has married the mother, or she is dead, or married another or lives out of the state. In a number of the states, namely, in Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia, a bastard takes by descent from his mother, with modifications regulated by the laws of these states. 2 Hill, Ab. s. 24 to 35, and the authorities there referred to. Vide Bastard; Bastardy; Descent.

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Given the fever pitch of opposition to Asian immigration in the 1920s, it is unsurprising that the department charged with enforcing Chinese exclusion laws fully embraced the Guyer rule, repudiated the legitimation exception, and rejected these children's claims to citizenship.
Legitimation strategies do not prescribe a particular set of institutional arrangements, but they create and constrain possibilities.
An examination of the annals of Sesostris I could usefully have complemented this section on sacred legitimation connected with the site of Heliopolis (see L.
We analyzed the managers' discourse according to signification, domination, and legitimation.
7) Unfortunately, the WVS doesn't include a question that directly measures the social standing, moral approval, or legitimation of entrepreneurs, so we have constructed an index based on the questions in Table 1.
Quotations from the Bible and other religious books, references to events in Jewish history, and allusions to the perceived fate of the Jews as a people were all prominent in the discussion surrounding the new legitimation doctrine.
However, in the new model of analysis of inclusion and legitimacy policy legitimation is no longer an act to formalize or legalize a policy; instead, policy legitimacy, as the dependent variable, is conferred on policy decisions that are derived from debate that is free, open, and intended to enhance citizen input.
The three concepts of structuration--structures, systems, and structuration--interact with the three dimensions of domination, signification, and legitimation.
Our study of legitimation discourses in Germany, Switzerland, Britain, and the United States draws on a large corpus of newspaper articles, each of which contains at least one such statement and may be viewed as contributing to broader legitimation discourses.
Unlike all other constitutions of Western countries, only those of Switzerland and particularly of Liechtenstein feature the direct democratic legitimation of their political functions.
The legitimation of contemporary cultural vandalism (travestied as a multicultural safari) entails the appropriation of objects' (or performances', for that matter) original contexts, in all their specificity, in order to promulgate an image of "universalism.
The legitimation project sets out to answer Kuhn' s problem (Remedios, Legitimizing Scientific Knowledge, 2).