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If won, I will form a people's friendly government that will be able to legitimize the continued presence of the foreign troops in the country," Yasini hoped.
Moreover, the systems that were addressed in the two decisions granted substantial protections to employees; thus, it is questionable whether additional protective measures would help legitimize such a system.
Regardless of how much spin we employ to legitimize it, war is hell and so is hunting.
According to a recent edition of USA Today, in a typical display of media disinformation, the homosexual effort to legitimize homosexual "marriage" has "had more to do with happenstance than coordinated strategy.
Lawrence's goal was to eventually legitimize the presence of physicians in the race, in exchange for what he perceived to be a much-needed medical presence along the course.
INDIA: A prominent Indian Hindu organization said a planned presidential speech at a Jesuit meeting would legitimize a violent Christian denomination.
These factors also legitimize any new narrative that unfolds new evidence or imparts to well-known facts an original and fresh interpretation.
I believe that in so doing, in asking, for instance, how civic culture was "employed to legitimize the prevailing distribution of power" (251), Tittler employs a functionalist methodology that not only undervalues cultural production and human agency but more important, projects too secular a meaning on a political culture that he rightfully and carefully shows is in the process of making culture and meaning secular.
Though morality remains essential, as an enterprise concerned with negotiating between competing interests, naturalists do not have the sort of facts which in and of themselves could legitimize a social order.
This volume uses eighteenth-century petitions for cedulas de gracias al sacar (petitions to legitimize illegitimate children) to more fully understand sexuality, honor, and the dual phenomenan of public and private lives.
In order to legitimize what we're doing, we really needed to do a season in New York.
Thus, they break down trade barriers, provide industry stability, and legitimize new technologies.