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Yet it is only in the East that poetry is truly appreciated, by those to whom leisure to look around them is vital as the air they breathe.
Let us leave it to the reviewers to abuse such effusions of fancy at their leisure, and over every new novel to talk in threadbare strains of the trash with which the press now groans.
My leisure then, and my old age, would have been devoted, in company with the Empress and during the royal apprenticeship of my son, to leisurely visiting, with our own horses and like a true country couple, every corner of the Empire, receiving complaints, redressing wrongs, and scattering public buildings and benefactions on all sides and everywhere.
Gardiner would be prevented by business from setting out till a fortnight later in July, and must be in London again within a month, and as that left too short a period for them to go so far, and see so much as they had proposed, or at least to see it with the leisure and comfort they had built on, they were obliged to give up the
A most welcome negative followed the last question-- and her alarms now being removed, she was at leisure to feel a great deal of curiosity to see the house herself; and when the subject was revived the next morning, and she was again applied to, could readily answer, and with a proper air of indifference, that she had not really any dislike to the scheme.
Jones told him, he could never be more at leisure than at present.
However, as it happened, I remained undisturbed, and was able to examine my purchases at leisure.
The concept of leisure constraints, which has been dealt with for the past thirty years, help in understanding the individuals' leisure approaches and preferences better (Godbey et al.
However, such analyses fail to account for increasing leisure inequality, with high-income household working relatively more since 1980.
Contract notice: Joint Leisure Management Contract with Development Opportunities.
An Introduction to Leisure Studies: Principles and Practice
One reason is that students in higher education have much more time available for leisure activities than when they were secondary- or primary-school students and they find it quite challenging learning how to employ their leisure time.