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n. short for Order to Show Cause. (See: Order to Show Cause)

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After my morning hike at the Andasibe rainforest, we went right next to Vakona Reserve (just outside the Andasibe National Park) to see lemurs and some reptiles up close.
A study conducted by a team from the University of Toronto (U of T) Scarborough observed a unique ritual performed by male ring-tailed lemurs that help with their chances of securing a mate.
A NEW online dating system is helping with the matchmaking of black lemurs at the zoo.
The new arrivals take the total number of ring-tailed lemurs in the walk-through lemur exhibit to nine.
When both a tree and its inner lemur heat up, the lemur's brain activity reflects mammalian REM sleep.
Although the kagwang does not fly and is not classified as a lemur, it is an 'expert' at gliding on trees because of its membrane.
In addition to reaffirming Lemur's ownership rights over the permit, the settlement also confirms Lemurs longstanding belief in Madgascar as an emerging investment destination in Southern Africa.
AIM: BMN) has completed the acquisition of all of the ordinary shares that it does not currently own in Australian coal company Lemur Resources Ltd.
HEY THERE Lemur appears fascinated with man's camera
We are in the planning stages for an action-packed week of seminars led by the most prestigious lemur researchers and conservationists from all over the world, lemur-themed community events, and an exciting evening fundraiser consisting of dinner and live entertainment
The largest type of lemur, the indri, is known for its distinctive call.
When Wright's daughter, Amanda, interacts with a lemur called Pale Male at an intimate distance of only one meter, we witness the exhilaration that can follow the hours of mind-numbing tracking and watching that the scientific team endures.